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Editions «à travers»: Catalog and authors

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Specifications of the «à travers» editions.

All the texts published have been previously unpublished when they appear. They are often quite unique because the poets rework them when they have to publish them with a different editor. To some extent our works correspond to the original state of the poem. They therefore show an additional ingredient in the understanding of the work. Most of these texts have been positioned directly facing the graphic works, which are the work of Jacques Clauzel. With very few exceptions, all the works, (engravings, etchings, carborundum or dry-point etching, linographs, lithographs and photographs) have been printed or reproduced by Jacques Clauzel in his studio at Gallargues-le-Montueux. The texts have all, apart from some works carried out in 1993 printed in serigraphie or offset, been printed in lead typography, hand–set. The other texts are manuscripts which have generally been submitted in Indian ink or graphite by the authors. All this ensures the faithful representation of the authors’ works. The paper used for the most part contains pure cotton-pure threads either mixed with alfa or not. It is always acid-free and promises optimal longevity. As we are particularly sensitive to the problems of conservation, we do all in our power to resolve any problems, and everything possible has been done to ensure the perreniality of the works we publish. All our works are signed by the authors and the artist.

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